5 Best Online Copywriting Courses for Students

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Copywriting is a key element of marketing and advertising. Basically, it’s the process of writing persuasive copies that inspire potential customers to buy certain products or services. Selling copies are everywhere, you can see them on websites and posters as well as in magazines, both online and printed. The job of copywriters is to make people pay attention to a particular brand and respond to its call-to-action. Although copywriting is quite popular, not many of us realize why it’s worth learning. Let’s consider some of the main reasons for that.

The benefits of having copywriting skills

It’s always in high demand

From solopreneurs to large organizations, every business that communicates with its audience needs a copywriter. Copywriters can work at marketing agencies, small businesses, large companies, startups and online retailers. They are in high demand now as their work drives great conversions and ensures sales. By choosing this profession, you’ll never be left without a job.

It lets you see the world

Usually, copywriters are not required to attend the office every day. Most of them work freelance, which gives them an opportunity to travel around the world. You can visit a new country every single month to get familiar with foreign cultures and find inspiration for your work. Luckily, the market offers a big number of remote jobs with a flexible schedule.

It pays well

Copywriting can be a very lucrative occupation. Of course, a client budget always varies depending on their company or campaign size. But in general, experienced and highly professional copywriters make good money. If you can do proper research and establish relationships with customers, your payment rate will be really high. Some specialists make up to $90 an hour in this niche, isn’t it great?

It’s a valuable life skill

Copywriting can be used in a multitude of professions, from a content creator and researcher to a customer support manager and CEO. Even applying for any job requires a sort of copywriting skills as you need to sell your skills to a potential employer.

How to find time for extra learning?

Now that you realize how beneficial it is to have copywriting skills, you are probably wondering how to find time for extra learning while being at college. Of course, it’s a big challenge for students to carve out a few free hours in their busy schedule. Numerous assignments, project deadlines and assessments drain young people both physically and emotionally. Sometimes, it’s hard to even find time for sleep. When I was overloaded with my studies, I used to ask EduBirdie “write my thesis” for me and get it done due to the deadline date. Actually, asking professional writers for help is a great solution that can save much time and energy. And I believe that there is nothing wrong about getting academic assistance when it’s really needed.

The best online courses for copywriters

OMCA Certification Test Prep by LinkedIn Learning

This course taught by Matt Bailey will help you improve your skills in writing marketing copies. Students are expected to learn how to write in a way that converts to clicks or sales. The good thing about this program is that it makes you ready to take the Online Marketing Certified Associate exam or OMCA.

5 Best Online Copywriting Courses for Students

Six-Figure Copywriting by AWAI

This course is aimed specifically at writers who intend to become digital marketing copywriters. However, it also works pretty well for existing copywriters who want to boost their skills and reach greater success in their career. Six-Figure Copywriting provides hands-on instruction, encouraging participants to write as they learn.

Kopywriting Kourse

This course is centered around an effective copywriting formula known as AIDA. It would be a good fit for anyone who wants to get better at marketing writing. What makes it special is that Kopywriting Kourse is completely free, so you can undergo it without any investments.

Success Works

If you are serious about copywriting or even want to launch your own business in this niche, you should consider Success Works. This course would build a great foundation for you. It’s focused around SEO copywriting and it issues an SEO copywriting certificate upon completion, which can be a big advantage for your career.

The Creative Copywriter Academy

This course is perfect for beginning freelance writers as it provides step-by-step guidance as well as ready-made templates. While taking this course, you can build a portfolio necessary for getting new jobs. It’s important to note that The Creative Copywriter Academy is a self-paced course, so you can watch its online lessons whenever it’s convenient for you.

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