3 High Level and Low Level Programming Languages

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High Level and Low level Programming Languages

High Level and Low level Programming Languages

This is the third Flash in the intro to programming series. In this part you can see you shall learn about Low Level and High Level Programming languages.

Low Level programming language

This is a programming language which offers little to no abstraction from the computer’s Instruction Set Architecture (ISA)

This is a programming language which is closer to the Machine language. And the instructions given to the computer can be understood by the computers Architecture. This language can be thought of to be closer to the computer hardware.

Examples Assembly , C

High Level Programming Language

This programing language will abstract the programmer from the complexity of the system.

The code written in a high level programming language is close to natural language.

Most programming languages used today will mostly fall under high level programming languages: Java, Python, JS C++ , FORTRAN etc

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