3 Create a Shopify Partner Account

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3 Create a shopify partner account

Shopify FREE Trial Link : bizanosa.com/sf

All The Shopify Videos in this Shopify Series are in this YouTube Playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhhBJ0l9FKMO27nkV0FJXWkEZADIEQOte

Free Shopify Tutorial for beginners

Video Captions
Hi and welcome back .So in this video
let’s see how we can create our Shopify Partner Account.
So I’ve created a quick
link if you want to go to partners. Shopify website . So you can just go to

And that will take me to the Shopify
partner link . So bizanosa.com/ps , that we bring you here
and you can just sign up with your email address .’
Okay .so I also have the link for
the free trial the 14-day free trial, but I’m not going to show you how to sign up with that .If you want to sign up with that, just do so, but this is what I will be using.

So if you go to bizanosa.com/sf that will take you to the free trial
If you want to sign up for this, go
ahead and do so but I’m not going to.we’re not going to deal with this it’s a
very straightforward process so you can Just put in your email address and follow the steps .So let’s come back hereand I will just enter my email address and then click on join now so that I can join the Shopify partners’ program and then fill in all these other details.

Then click on create account so when
creating your account .Just ensure that the password section is a strong
password : you can use a combination of capital letters small letters and
special characters. that will give you a strong a strong password okay make sure it’s more than five characters and you have numbers in there you have special characters just to make the password strong.

After that I think I’ll need to
go into my email and I will need to confirm my email address so
That has verified my email address and I
can just click go back to partners and when I’m here I will need to create a
new partner account with all the details.
I will create a new partner account and you can give this a business name you can give it anything that you want for me I’m just going to say bizanosa I’ll just call it bizanosa and what else is optional the city of Nairobi and then country Kenya and you know that’s not there for me how do you plan to start as a Shopify partner selling apps developing private offering
services to Shopify referring merchants to Shopify if you know what you want to do ,you can just click what you want to do okay so do you have an idea do you have an app idea client or affiliate audience you can say yes and then view your dashboard .

So just like that and you’ll have all the details that you
need to create your store so if you want to create a new store you can do that here .So in the next video let me just come here and do a quick dashboard overview of this Shopify partners dashboard so I will see you in the next video .And in the next video as I’ve said I’m just going to do a brief
overview of this dashboard

.See you in the next video

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