3 About Javascript – JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners

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3 About Javascript - JS Tutorial 2018

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Video Transcript:

Hey, and welcome back.

So what is JavaScript? If you want to learn more about this JavaScript stuff, you just go to Wikipedia.

There there’s this page.

And you’ll find a lot, the history of JavaScript, a lot of information here about JavaScript.

And then there’s also this page on MDN.

So if you want a lot more information, you can go to the MDN page on JavaScript and you can also go to Wikipedia.

So JavaScript is a lightweight, interpreted, programming language used for producing and manipulating web content.

So it’s not only limited to the web browser.

You can also use JavaScript on mobile phones and other environments like Windows applications for Windows 8.

There are also robotics that have been employing JavaScript.

So it’s not just limited to the web space anymore.

So what are some features, characteristics and facts of JavaScript.

While it was created by Brendan Eich in 1995 at Netscape, JavaScript is standardized as ECMAScript.

So ECMAScript basically defines the standards and the implementation of JavaScript.

So JavaScript is just ECMAScript.

So the latest released ECMAScript was ECMAScript 2015.

So you can read about all of that here.

Things relating to the ECMA standards and they’re current version.

So the one we will be using based on the Mozilla Developer Network is ES 2017, which is still work in progress.

It’ll be based on the draft and I will be following this documentation.

So I will by default use the one that they have, which is ES 2017.

So JavaScript is a high-level, dynamic, untyped, interpreted, multi-paradigm, functional programming language.

So let’s continue the next video and we see what the hell this mean.

See you then.

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