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2 who should learn javascript - JavaScript Tutorial 2018

This video is taken from the full course that will teach you HTML, CSS, Programming concepts and Javascript .

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So who should learn JavaScript.

At least before you delve into JavaScript, you need to know some programming.

Just a little bit or just some knowledge about programming.

So in the least, at least you should know some HTML and some CSS.

Because these three usually work together.

HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

In most cases, you will use them together.

So if you really want to use JavaScript especially in the web space, you need to know HTML and CSS in the least.

I did a few introduction tutorials for HTML and CSS and I’m providing the link here on the screen.

You can just go there and see the links that will lead to HTML and CSS, and you will learn.

The HTML course I think is roughly one hour and the CSS course is also roughly one hour.

So in two hours, two and a half hours, you can learn HTML and CSS.

And then come back and we’ll continue with JavaScript.

This section is from Learn Javascript from Scratch.

Learn Javascript from Scratch

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