1 What is html

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1 What is html

Learn HTML in this tutorial


Hi and Welcome. My name is Ricky Wahowa .

So what is HTML. Let’s forget about CSS for a moment   and just talk about HTML .

HTML is a markup Language .It is the language of the web. It is the language that tells the browser that there is some kind of element that needs to be here. It will tell the browser that there is some kind of an element that needs to be somewhere.

It is a markup language. It is used to describe a web page. So this has been described. So maybe this is a heading. This is a form. An input form.

So if you go into the code. Okay, That’s a little intimidating . So let’s go to another website.

So it helps to describe the web page. You can see this is a popup.

And the elements of this are all written in CSS and HTML. The functionality of course is powered by Javascript.

It is HTML that describes this web page. For example this is an image. That’s an input box. And these are links .This is a heading. This is a paragraph, an image, a button.

So, HTML is what is used to describe the web page. It is a markup language. And it is used not only for websites . It can also be used for making mobile interfaces And even for making desktop Applications, there is some HTML that is used to describe how the interface will look like.

The styling of the page is done via CSS. CSS is what will be used to say that this background will be Blue, the color of the text will be white. And the color of the form will be black. The input text will be white, will not have any borders, the color will be white, the button will be that color when it is hovered. That is all CSS.

So, with CSS you can build websites that look completely different. Press CTRL  U on Firefox , this will show us the code for the page

If you look at this code, this is HTML mostly. It is used to describe the page. So if you come here you will see we have div elements. We will go through all of these in the sample code that I will show you. You can see there is a form.

So it is used to Markup. Just to describe a web page so that a browser can know that there is some kind of an element that needs to be put somewhere on the page.

So to style it. How it will appear, that is all CSS .  So you can see you can do different things with CSS. This is a website from ZeroNet.

So HTML is what is used to say that this is the heading, And this is something else. That’s a button  .So this is all written in , what you see is all written in HTML and CSS . The functionality is powered by , I don’t know what powers this website, I think it is python.  But the beauty of the website, everything that you see, that is CSS.

So CSS is used to style it. So for example, it is CSS that is used to decide that this should be here.  This div should be this side and not that side.

So if they wanted they could use CSS to take this to the middle or to the other end.

So in brief, HTML is used as a Markup Language. It is used for describing the web page. And CSS is used to style that HTML . CSS is what makes the website beautiful or not beautiful .

So, I will see you in the next video.

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