1 JavaScript for Beginners Intro

Last updated on October 31st, 2020 at 06:41 am.

This video is taken from the full course that will teach you HTML, CSS, Programming concepts and Javascript .

Video Transcript:

Hi, and welcome to this JavaScript tutorial.

In this class you’re going to learn JavaScript from scratch.

So if you’ve never done any JavaScript, you’re going to learn about JavaScript from the ground up.

So we’ll go through different things about JavaScript, different features and other concepts in JavaScript.

And if you’re new to programming, it’s okay.

You can just start right away by watching this Javascript From Scratch or you can watch my Intro To Programming.

My Intro To Programming, which will introduce you to different things about programming.

However, in this course you’re going to learn JavaScript from scratch.

And at any point if you have any question, come down here and ask a question.

You can also ask your questions on the Facebook group.

Just come here and ask to join the Facebook group.

So if you want to learn JavaScript, go ahead and join this class.

I’ll see you in the class.

This section is from Learn Javascript from Scratch.

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