1. Introduction to Programming

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Introduction to programming - A beginners guide

Introduction to Programming


If you want to learn to code way beyond HTML and CSS, go ahead and watch this full tutorial. In the end you will understand most principles about programming languages.


Programming Languages resemble one another

Some programming languages originated from others. While others were influenced by others.

This implies that most styles and concepts in programming are derivatives of each other. Hence once you learn general principles of programming, It will be much easier for you to pick up any new programming languages.


If you’ve ever wondered why one person can know so many different programming languages, that is the reason. Once you learn one serious programming language, any new programming language will be easier to pick up and eventually master.


That could be you.


Time and Mastery

Start here. With this introduction to programming course. Then decide which programming language you want to learn.


Then concentrate your time and efforts into that programming language. Make a commitment to yourself to learn it.

Gather up all the resources you will need.  Don’t join too many courses or buy many books simultaneously.  Get one resource, finish it. Then move on to another one.


By going one book/ course after the other, you’ll be able to track your progress. By finishing up one book / course, you will be able to know what you have covered. And this will give you a clear picture of what next you need to learn.


Treat it like a journey

This introduction to programming is a first step for you.  However you must acknowledge that you still have a long way to go. And must therefore stay compassionate with your own self.


Accept that it is going to take you awhile to get to the level you want to be. Just remember to keep practicing and keep learning.


Treat the learning process like a journey.


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What you will encounter in the full course.

  • Programming Languages [statements,file extensions , High level and low level, Compiled vs Interpreted ]
  • Data Types
  • Variables
  • constants
  • Operators
  • loops
  • conditions
  • comments
  • Arrays
  • Functions
  • errors
  • pseudos and flowcharts


  • Databases
  • Algorithms
  • OOP and Classes and Objects (access specifiers [private, public or protected])
  • Regular expressions


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