10 Cpanel File Manager popup [Follow up Video]

Creating a Video Blog with WordPress Series

This video is a follow up of the CPanel crash course.

Depending on the version of the cpanel installed by your webhost. Sometimes when you click on the file Manger link (as shown in the video) . A popup will appear . On the popup, you will be able to choose the directory you would like to go to.


Watch the video for more. And to understand how it will be for you.

For more information about the cPanel, watch the previous video post (Crash course on the cPanel). In this post I went through the cpanel in a short video tutorial.

We spoke about various sections of the cpanel such as:

  • File Manager
  • email


Throughout this WordPress video Blog series you will encounter the File Manager .  You will understand it well enough by the end of this series. That’s a guarantee.

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